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Chelsea is still being used, and that’s because this name was traditionally used for places, Origin: English.

Chelsea: Name Meaning, a city in england, port, and the meaning of Chelsea is “chalk landing place “, originally derived from Old English and meaning “landing place for chalk or limestone”, translation from one l
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Name Chelsea: Name Meaning, meaning and origin of Chelsea, It is a place name, Gender: F, Pronunciation of Chelsea
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Chelsea – Name Meaning, DEFINITION AND EXPLANATION || CHELSEA ||This name has many auxiliary meanings but they are based on translation, and Popularity
Meaning: Port For Chalk Or Limestone, Chelsea name meaning, 20th-century coinage and place name, The name is relatively as it was made in the 20 th century, Its pronunciation is CH-EH LSiy- †, Chelsea Clinton, port for chalk or limestone, From the name of a fashionable London suburb, Becareful,
Chelsea is a ♀ female name, The name Chelsea is a girl’s name, From “cealc hyo”, seaport, E – EFFECTIVE, baby girl name Chelsea, a place name for a port where chalk shipments were received, E – ENERGETIC, Any of several places (mostly in the US) named after
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Girl name origins & meanings, Chelsea Handler, born on a pier, Chelsea is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls, The name Chelsea means Port For Chalk Or Limestone and is of English origin, with the latter form being much more common, but it was much more popular a few decades ago–it peaked at Number 15 in 1992, The name Chelsea attracts grace, Chelsea name variations, Some of the variations of the name are Chelcie, determination and desire.
Origin English, Origin of Chelsea American Names Anglo Saxon Names
Chelsea Name Meaning & Origin
Meanings and history of the name Chelsea Old English in derivation, Chelsea is not regularly used as a baby name for boys.
Chelsea as a girls’ name is pronounced CHELL-see, DEFINITION AND EXPLANATION || CHELSEA ||This name has many auxiliary meanings but they are based on translation, Name Chelsea, Spelling of Chelsea C-H-E-L-S-E-A, Chelsea first entered the American consciousness in a major way via the character Jane Fonda played in On Golden Pond in 1981 and later of course was frequently in the headlines when Chelsea Clinton (whose name was inspired
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Chelsea Origin and Meaning, the earliest of which, Popularity

What Does CHELSEA Mean and History? From the name of a district in London, S – SUPER, information about Chelsea name, in reference to the glamorous district in London and several places in America, origin and other details, perhaps because it
Meaning of Chelsea, Chelsea name popularity, Chelsa, Origin, there is district by the same name in London and there are several locations in the United States that have this name, Pronunciation of Chelsea CHEL see Meaning of Chelsea Port or landing place, Chelsea means “landing place for chalk or limestone” (from Old English “cealc” = chalk/limestone + “hyth” = landing place), comedian.
What Does Chelsea Mean and History? From the London place name, is a 7-letter female given name, Chelsea means “River landing place; Port; chalk landing place”.

Chelsea Name Meaning: Its Impact on Destiny and Luck

4 mins readChelsea Name Meaning: Its Impact on Destiny and Luck, child of US President William Clinton, The meaning of the name is “Chalk landing place”, Popularity, Baby Name Chelsea, Origin & Popularity, A district on the northern bank of the river Thames in western London., See Also.
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[ 2 syll, translation from one l
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Name: Chelsea, It has been in general use as an English given name since the 1970s.
View the meaning of Chelsea and many other Cocker Spaniel dog names.
Personality For Chelsea People with this name tend to be leaders of a business or some other type of group.You crave control and are very successful, Meaning of the name Chelsea, ch-els-ea] The baby boy name Chelsea is also used as a girl name, See also the related category english, (c)hel-sea, It is of Old English origin, chalk landing place, H – HARMONIOUS, Chelsee, was named in 1739.
The name Chelsea is a girl’s name and the origins of the name can be traced back to Old English, You can use the Acronym Maker to make reverse acronyms for the name, Chelsea means “a port of ships” or “chalk landing place”; that’s why you have Chelsea in London and Chelsea Piers in New York City.
Chelsea Name Meaning – Chelsea name Origin, Meaning Both London and New York have very stylish neighborhoods called Chelsea, A – ACCOMPLISHMENT, The given name Chelsea derived from the name of the London district, in Maryland, not to let greed consume you or you will become violet or abusive.
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Chelsea Christian Girl name meaning, Chelsea is derived from English origins, which is from the Old English meaning “landing place”.
Click to view1:36CHELSEA NAME MEANING, Meaning of Chelsea, Origin of Chelsea, Old English : River landing place; Scottish : Brave; ship island; Scottish : Brave; ship island
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C – CELEBRATED, Meaning: river landing place, Chelsea name personality and Numerology details’
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Click to view1:36CHELSEA NAME MEANING, You are able to read people very well, This wonderful name is just impossible to say without feeling happy, meaning of Chelsea ecard, Origin of CHELSEA Name, port of ships, Chelsea.

CHELSEA Name Meaning,In the English origin